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Stay safe as you travel in Rochester

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

It’s the reality that many drivers don’t pay attention to the pedestrians on or around the roads where they are. For that reason, it is sometimes the case that fewer people walk than otherwise would. They know it’s dangerous, so they avoid putting themselves in situations where they could get hit.

Rochester Walks! is an initiative started by the city to help people living in the area start moving more. The initiative does include making improvements that promote walking and safe routes, which will hopefully get more people walking.

That being said, you do need to know how to stay safe if you will be walking, so you don’t run into trouble with dangerous drivers.

Talking walking routes could help you remain safer

While not everyone can take special routes to get where they’re going, you may find that taking a premapped route could keep you safer during a portion of your walk. For example, some of the routes in Rochester now include the Jefferson route or Marketview Heights route. Some routes go through neighborhoods or the farmer’s market, too, so people can travel safely in commonly traveled areas.

Staying safe isn’t only your responsibility

It’s not just your responsibility to be safe, it is also the responsibility of drivers on the road. While you can take steps like following a route, walking with people in a group and wearing brighter colors, drivers need to be safer by knowing where these routes are and being aware that people are being encouraged to use them.

Stopping completely at crosswalks and being on the lookout for walkers will help drivers keep pedestrians safe even in busy traffic.

What do you do if you get hit by a car?

Prevention is the key to safety on the road, but crashes still happen.

In the case that you are hit by a vehicle while walking, remember that you do have a right to make a claim against them. Take care of your health first, but then look into your legal rights. You may be able to pursue compensation for your medical care, lost wages and other financial losses linked to the accident.

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