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My family had been thrown into chaos due to a probate issue. I went to Mr. Brenna for an initial consult and was fortunate to meet with his whole legal team. They grasped the situation immediately and were able to understand my feelings, motives and goals. They gave me an honest opinion on the merits of my case as well as a giving me an experience-driven determination of the odds of success of a challenge. They were all very empathetic and compassionate. Overall, a negotiated settlement for a financially prudent amount was obtained. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

— Less

Mr. Brenna and his firm did an outstanding job. He took the time to actually talk about all aspects of my case and really make sure I understood everything that was happening along the way. I could send him an email and would receive a phone call within 24 hours. He showed confidence throughout the whole case and was very quick and efficient. I would recommend Mr. Brenna and his firm to anyone.

— Alex B.

Through the years, Mr. Brenna and Mr. Boyce have helped our business with several unique and challenging legal matters. In every situation, they kept us well-informed and gave us the confidence to feel in control and on top of the situation. I would strongly recommend Brenna Boyce as the ideal firm for a business of any size.

— Guy Paddock

Bob is one of the BEST!!!!!!!

I have known Bob Brenna for over 20 years. I have known him as a trial lawyer, as an officer (and former president) of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, as a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers, and as a member of the American Association for Justice.

There is no better lawyer in Upstate New York. Bob is one of the brightest, [most] hardworking, and [most] experienced lawyers that I know. I have seen firsthand how he treats his clients with nothing but respect, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the best results possible for his clients. Anyone in the Upstate New York area should feel honored to have Bob as their lawyer. He is given the deference he deserves from the judges and other attorneys in the field, and always speaks the truth, no matter what. He is one of the best, and I cannot possibly put into words how wonderful it is to have known him and be his friend for the past several decades.

— John

This firm is dependable, diligent, and cares about their clients. There is no law firm I would recommend higher than Brenna Boyce. Even though I am an attorney, I use them personally when I have a need for counsel.

— Cheryl L. Kates, Esq

[Attorney Boyce’s] years of experience help to better plan the path to take when dealing with a case or situation. I have and will continue to recommend Sheldon Boyce to anyone seeking help or advice.

— Dave Jenkins

Mr. Brenna’s commitment to the practice of law, his clients, and other attorneys is driven by the highest standard of ethics that he holds himself to. Attorney Brenna saw my personal suffering and had compassion and outrage at this injustice. We were victorious in our case.

— Odell Buggs

I have had occasions to refer Mr. Boyce, and the law firm of Brenna Boyce, to personal and professional contacts. I have done so with confidence and without reservation.

— Michael A. Scorsone

Bob Brenna‘s attention to detail and personal touch resulted in an outcome [personal injury] that was outstanding. He managed to keep the family reassured during a very difficult time.

— Al Jaehn

Sheldon Boyce‘s ability to see both sides of an equation has made him a valuable counselor as we have settled several potential litigation issues without the expense of costly court actions. Sheldon Boyce has been easy to work with. I would recommend him without reservation, especially in dealing with any matter that could result in litigation or arbitration.

— Theodore M. Fafinski, Farmington Town Supervisor

I really appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. As far as I am concerned there is only 1 law firm in town and your customer service is second to none.

— Steve P.