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Weather-related hazards on the road

From staying off the road after drinking too much alcohol to watching how fast one is driving, there are many ways that drivers can work to prevent a car accident. However, drivers should realize some of the other hazards that can lead to a crash, some of which may not seem like much of a threat at first. For example, inclement weather can be very problematic and there are many different ways in which weather can impact the road, even in the summer months.

During the winter, some parts of the country see heavy snow and ice, which can significantly increase the chance of an auto collision. However, collisions can also happen in warmer months due to dense fog, heavy rainfall or strong wind. Fog and rain can affect visibility, as can wind, which can also blow debris on the road and cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents during the summer

The summer months can be dangerous on roadways all over the U.S. for different reasons. For example, a drunk driving accident may occur over the Fourth of July or a motorcyclist could become involved in a crash during a popular summer festival. However, there are a number of concerns with respect to pedestrian accidents during this time of year and it is essential for pedestrians and drivers of all types of vehicles to keep these risks in mind.

For starters, certain areas may see an increase in pedestrian traffic over the summer months. Not only are kids out of school, but adults may take to the road to get some exercise and those who do not have a vehicle or choose not to drive may walk alongside the road more frequently because of the warmer temperatures. Moreover, with longer days and warmer nights, there may be more pedestrians during the evening and into the night.

Emotional consequences associated with car accidents

When people consider the consequences that are associated with motor vehicle wrecks, many think about injuries such as broken bones, brain trauma or other physical problems people face following a crash. Some people lose their lives in these collisions and people are also aware of the financial consequences that may result from a traffic accident, such as expensive hospital bills and losing the ability to earn a living temporarily or permanently. However, there are other ways these crashes shatter a person’s life. For some car accident victims, the emotional toll of an accident can be overwhelming.

Some people who are involved in a crash may have nightmares or experience high levels of anxiety as a result of the collision. Other emotional challenges include depression and, in some cases, anger. For example, a car crash victim may be upset that someone chose to drive drunk and cause an accident which claimed their loved one’s life or caused them to experience significant challenges. Even after physical wounds have healed and financial problems have been resolved, these emotional difficulties may remain.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

If you are driving a vehicle and suddenly become an accident victim, your chance of having a serious injury is considerably less than if you had been riding a motorcycle.

Severe injuries can happen to anyone who is involved in a highway crash, but certain types of injuries are more common among motorcycle riders due to their lack of protection.

Riding mowers and traffic accidents

With the arrival of spring, many people begin to focus on lawn maintenance, from homeowners to those who run outdoor maintenance companies. Often, people use riding lawn mowers to maintain a lawn. Unfortunately, these riding mowers can be especially risky for a number of reasons. Aside from rollovers which can leave the operator pinned under the mower, other risks may be present, such as the risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Someone may be struck by a car or truck in various ways while operating a riding lawn mower. For example, someone may be heading down a long driveway and lose control of their vehicle or strike someone riding a mower while they are going around a turn. In other instances, someone on a riding mower may be hit by a car as they try to cross the road to mow grass on the other side of the road. Another way in which a person could be injured or killed while using a riding mower involves reckless drivers, such as those who are drunk, distracted or fatigued. Such a driver may veer off the road and onto someone's lawn, colliding with a person who is on a riding mower.

Recovering from a job-related traffic crash injury

Employees face different hazards on a daily basis, depending on their line of work. For some, machinery, chemicals, and working in high places present risks. However, some people are required to drive a vehicle for work-related purposes, whether their job completely revolves around driving (truck and taxi drivers) or they occasionally drive a company vehicle, such as an employee who is asked to run an errand. Either way, workers who get behind the wheel face many risks on the road and may become involved in a crash, which could cause them to struggle with a debilitating injury.

When an employee is hurt in an accident, the consequences can impact them and their family members for months or even years into the future. Right away, challenges such as intense physical pain and anxiety over what will happen next may arise. Many injured workers also face high medical costs and lost wages because they can no longer work. Sometimes, these injuries keep a worker out of his or her field indefinitely. As a result, it is pivotal for those injured while driving for work-related purposes to go over all of their options with regard to recovery.

College exams and car crashes

Motor vehicle collisions occur frequently and have a plethora of causes. For example, a crash may be the result of driver fatigue, resulting in drowsiness behind the wheel that can prove deadly. Or, a motor vehicle collision may occur due to a driver becoming distracted or extremely stressed out. In fact, college exams can cause all of these problems and increase the likelihood of a crash, which is why college students should be especially vigilant if they are feeling stressed out, tired, or distracted behind the wheel.

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, those involved often have their lives thrown off-course in a variety of ways. Beyond the immediate physical consequences of a wreck, such as a broken bone or another injury, emotional and financial obstacles can be challenging for months and years down the road. Unfortunately, even those who do not have to worry about college exams may become involved in an accident as a result of these hurdles when they are struck by a student.

The rising number of construction-related injuries

Construction workers in New York have experienced an increase in injuries and death over the last few years. Some of the reasons for these accidents include an increased number of projects and a decrease in the amount of safety inspections being conducted.

According to OSHA, around 20% of work-related deaths every year are in the construction industry. More than half of these incidents are caused by one of the fatal four, which include:

  • Falls
  • Caught in/between
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by object

TBI may not be evident at the time of a vehicle crash

Let us say that a vehicle strikes your car from behind at low speed as you sit at a light. You appear to have no injuries other than frazzled nerves.

Fortunately, you see a doctor promptly, and much to your astonishment, tests indicate mild brain trauma. How could this have happened?

Reviewing some long-term consequences of car crashes

When some people think about the consequences of a motor vehicle collision, they may picture the immediate and short-term ramifications. No doubt, these consequences can be serious, ranging from debilitating injuries that cause a tremendous amount of pain to property damage and the loss of a victim's life. However, it is important to bear in mind that not all car crash consequences are evident right away. Moreover, some of these challenges may affect victims years down the road.

Sometimes, the extent of a car crash victim's injuries may not be clear right away. Whether an injury or health condition is more serious than originally believed or a victim finds out that they sustained a head injury in the crash, it is vital to carefully look into any injuries. Moreover, these injuries may be permanent, in some instances, or they can prevent a person from ever being able to enjoy certain activities or work in a particular field ever again. Being unable to return to work not only causes financial challenges for many car accident victims, but it can change life for the worse in many ways and might result in depression or other issues.

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