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August 2016 Archives

Speed kills

The need for speed can be compelling and addictive. Unfortunately, it can also be deadly. Investigators suspect speeds upward of 100 miles per hour resulted in a loss of control for a vehicle that inevitably went airborne and struck two other cars, injuring and killing those within it as well as the unsuspecting occupants of the other vehicles.

Distracted driver laws: Texting and phone use while driving

Cellphones are central parts of our lives today, and people are busier than ever. It is easy to get distracted thinking about those numerous emails or texts you may need to reply to. You might keep your phone nearby out of second nature. However, you can easily cause a car accident if you use your phone while driving. Attention should be on the road - not a cellphone. This is why New York has instituted strict distracted driving and cellphone use laws.

Dismal study results for elder care

With age comes a feebleness and vulnerability you may have rarely experienced in the majority of your life. However, when you do begin to live in days where your body doesn't function properly anymore, and you require the assistance of a caregiver, you certainly hope to find someone or some people with whom you can confidently place your trust. However, if your trust must go to people outside of your family, and you must pay for the day-to-day care you are given, you may have well-founded fears.

Reducing the worry during recovery

The day started out like any other. And like any other day,  you would not have any idea that this would be the day to change your life forever. So there was no special goodbye, there was no second look in the mirror to smile at the unmarked face of the person standing there, and there was no plan made in the event the day would not go as intended. This is the case so often for those who are the victims of terrible accidents daily in New York.

Nail guns make many things easier

The nail gun was once a tool valued primarily on construction sites. However, with the trending proclivity to do-it-yourself on everything from building birdhouses to outdoor furniture using pallets, the nail gun is a common feature in many novice's hands. But are nail guns safe? Are accidents common? Are they defective in the sense that they can be overly sensitive or go off in someone's unguarded direction?

Pokémon Go is the newest road hazard

The summer's hottest craze seems to be Pokémon Go; a mobile game played on a smartphone or tablet. The game interfaces with the real world to allow users to catch and train small monster creatures called "Pokémon." Children, teens and adults alike are completely infatuated with Pokémon Go and have been spotted playing it in some of the most unlikely places. However, because the game requires travel in order for a user to advance, it has also encouraged bad habits in players - particularly teens whose judgment can often be influenced by their excitement.


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