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June 2016 Archives

New York construction sites fall from grace

You may think there are a lot of construction workers employed in New York, since out of all the occupational fatalities that occur in the state, nearly a quarter of them are construction worker deaths. That is why it is so surprising and disconcerting that construction work actually only makes up a little over 3 percent of all jobs in New York.

Advocating for one who advocated for you

There was a time when you felt totally safe. A time when your heaviest problems were whether or not you were going to get to stay up late enough to watch a favorite show or whether you would be grounded for bombing that math quiz. The feeling of safety stemmed from having a parent, or parents, who took your upbringing seriously and looked out for you, protected you and taught you the ways of the world and to be savvy and avoid potentially bad people and any harm. They sheltered you and allowed you to be a child. Now your parents or grandparents are aging, they are vulnerable, becoming increasingly feeble, and it is your turn to shield them from harm and potentially bad people.

Congress may block measures to fight truck driver fatigue

Even though public awareness of the hazards of truck driver fatigue is at an all-time high, there is a good chance that Congress will end up again delaying measures designed to help fight the dangerous practice. This is because measures calling for an end to limits on the number of mandatory rest periods truck drivers can use to "restart" their hours of service each week have been tacked on to transportation spending bills currently up for debate. Both the House and Senate bills would indefinitely stay additional legislation regulating trucker rest periods. The House bill would also, if passed, weaken state-level restrictions on truck driver work hours in 20 states (including New York).

Police investigate the claims of a hate crime

On May 27, a teenage boy ran for his life. He ran and he ran until his lungs, plagued by asthma, finally gave up on their demand for oxygen. Racial slurs reportedly hurled still hung in the air from his pursuers, a mob of angry men. He would die in the hospital before the sun would set that day.

Man falls from second floor and dies

No one should ever be hurt or killed as a result of something as respectable as doing a job. It's sometimes difficult to get up and go to work, but people do it because they are responsible and have bills to pay, mouths to feed and families to support. It's this dedication that compels some individuals to work in dangerous conditions where one small step may prove fatal.

What you should know about spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can often cause serious physical damage that may require long-term rehabilitation and medical treatment. The following provides information regarding spinal cord injuries, some of the symptoms, and how they most often occur. If you were recently in an accident, please take note.

The age of innocence

When we age we watch our daily abilities alter bit by bit until what we once did on a mundane and recurring level is now modified to the point of being unrecognizable. So much that we took for granted in performing necessary daily tasks is now what we would give absolutely anything to be able to do for ourselves again. When we reach this point, how we planned in our former years will affect where we go to survive, as well as if we must go anywhere at all.

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