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Understanding Fault In New York Rear-End Collisions

Sometimes, a rear-end accident is obviously the fault of the driver behind you. If you were stopped at a red light when a truck slammed into your back bumper, it’s clear that you were not responsible in any way. However, it becomes less clear if you are rear-ended after unexpectedly slowing down.

This is because the state of New York assigns auto accident fault based on comparative negligence. The amount of damages an injured party can recover will be based on his or her percentage of fault in causing the accident.

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The Importance Of Getting Immediate Medical Attention

When it comes to rear-end collisions, injuries may not be immediately apparent — even for seemingly minor fender benders.

Even if you believe you are not injured or have nominal injuries, seeking a doctor after your accident is very important.

Case In Point

For instance, an auto accident you think is simple whiplash may actually be a herniated disk. Many neck and back injuries do not reveal themselves for several days (or even weeks).

Without immediate medical attention, it’s likely that your unsuspecting injury has worsened. Further, you may be barred from recovery because you failed to see a doctor right after the rear-end collision. Medical evidence is key to developing a strong personal injury case.

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