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Traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms and causes

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents |

If you incurred head trauma as a result of a car accident in New York, chances are that it led to symptoms indicative of a traumatic brain injury. Some TBIs are mild, in which case they can be referred to as concussions, while others are serious and may require victims to undergo surgery and long-term rehabilitative care.

A wide range of symptoms

The symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the TBI, and they may only appear weeks after the accident. In general, TBI victims will experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and perhaps difficulties with balance. They could even become sensitive to light and suffer from seizures. Loss of consciousness may or may not occur.

Cause of traumatic brain injuries

Some believe that TBIs necessarily involve the fracturing of the skull or at least some sort of harm to the scalp, such as a gash. This is not true. TBIs can arise when the head is suddenly and repeatedly jerked in a car crash. The change from acceleration to deceleration causes the brain to hit against the inside of the skull, sometimes stretching and tearing blood vessels, damaging nerves and leading the head to swell in a condition known as edema.

TBI victims may need immediate medical care to prevent brain damage. TBIs are usually detected through brain imaging tests like CT scans and MRIs.

Legal help for accident victims

Car accidents often involve TBIs and other severe injuries with long-term effects. If you’re dealing with a TBI caused by a negligent driver, then you could be compensated for your losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages. A lawyer may be able to determine if you can file a third-party insurance claim since New York is, after all, a no-fault state. The lawyer could handle negotiations and more.

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