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Third-party claims may fill in for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Construction Injuries |

New York construction workers often have many factors working against them. In addition to the job being inherently dangerous, workers may be dealing with multiple contractors who may not be communicating well with each other. Additionally, when contractors or project owners are trying to remain under budget, they may compromise safety or cut corners, leaving their employees and other contract workers exposed to danger. If injuries occur, they often result in third-party claims as well as workers’ compensation claims.

Through third-party claims, injured employees can seek compensation through the civil courts if someone other than their employer was responsible for the accident that caused the injuries. One example may be a roofing contractor who was hanging metal gutters on a sports complex in another state. When one of the gutters touched a power line, the man suffered electrocution injuries, including severe burns over 40% of his body.

As a contract worker, the man did not have coverage under a workers’ compensation policy. This is tragic since he may lose his leg, which could certainly prevent him from returning to his job. However, there may still be options available for those who do not have an employer’s insurance to cover their medical bills, lost wages and related expenses.

It is often the responsibility of the property owners, project managers or other entities on construction sites to ensure the job site is safe. This includes addressing any electrical sources that may put workers at risk. A skilled New York attorney can assist injured workers in determining whether their cases qualify for third-party claims and how to take the appropriate steps for pursuing fair compensation.

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