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Third-party claim following crane collapse

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death |

Construction cranes make impossible tasks manageable. Cranes can lift and lower heavy equipment and materials so workers can do their jobs, especially when it entails working at great heights. Unfortunately, crane accidents are not rare in New York and other states. A crane collapse can result in serious and deadly injuries for construction workers and others.

Since construction sites often involve numerous contractors, the safety of all workers depends on the care and attention others give to safety measures, including the assembling and dismantling of cranes. Numerous crane collapses have occurred because workers try to speed up the complex dismantling of a crane by removing pins and bolts before securing the heavy sections. Other cranes have collapsed or toppled because the bolts or sections of the towers may have been worn or rusty.

Contractors who fail to train their crane operators or who use cranes for lifting materials beyond their capacity may be responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur if a crane collapses. These and other safety violations have resulted in hundreds of deaths in recent years and even more injuries. Last year alone, 16 crane accidents resulted in the deaths of construction workers, and the previous year that number was almost four times as high.

New York construction workers have enough risk on the job without worrying about the safety of the cranes and their operators. Whether an accident occurs because of defective parts or the negligence of another contractor, injured workers or the families of workers who die in a crane collapse have the right to seek compensation for their suffering and loss through a third-party claim. A skilled attorney will have the resources and experience to help them pursue their goals.

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