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Understanding trends in distracted driving can keep you safe

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Among the most dangerous parts of driving isn’t the state of the road; it is the other drivers. Distracted driving is a contributing factor to thousands of accidents every year.

Distractions come in many forms, but the single biggest distraction is cell phone use. Cell phone use contributes to thousands of deaths across the nation each year. Avoiding distractions while driving and recognizing distracted drivers can keep you safe.

New Yorkers Still Use Cell Phones While Driving

New York laws already prohibit texting while driving and most other cell phone use. These laws were put in place early and have become increasingly strict. Violators face hefty fines. However, anyone who looks around while driving can find an example of a driver breaking the law.

According to one Bloomberg study, drivers across our state use cell phones over 20% of the time that they are on the road. And though conventional wisdom says that younger drivers are most at-risk for dangerous behaviors, teens are not the only ones violating the law. As texting and other technologies advance, the problem is likely to get worse.

Preparing Yourself For The Road

When you get on the road, the best thing you can do is to put your phone away and be aware of other drivers. If you see a driver who is swerving, whose speed is inconsistent or who exhibits other alarming behaviors, take additional precautions. And always encourage new drivers to put their cell phones away.

If you experience an accident and subsequent injury because of a distracted driver, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. You may have legal options you do not know about.

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