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What should nursing facilities do to protect the elderly?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries |

There are many reasons why your elderly family member may be at a higher risk of injury including mental and physical limitations. Your efforts to find a nursing home facility in New York that provides adequate attention to detail in protecting its residents is imperative to the safety and enjoyment of your loved one when you are away.

While you can monitor the living conditions and environment of your loved one each time you visit, you cannot always know what is happening behind the scenes. Watching for signs that the nursing home facility is doing everything in their power to keep your loved one safe can help you to quickly recognize hazards that should be addressed right away.

According to, a facility’s efforts to protect your loved one should extend beyond his or her bedroom. General living areas, serving areas and hallways should all be outfitted with appropriate resources to help your family member to live independently without compromising safety or confidence. Some things that you can be looking for to indicate that the nursing facility you have chosen is in compliance with your desires include the following:

  • Any walking aids that your family member uses are regularly maintained and have been customized to fit his or her needs.
  • Non-skid surfaces should be installed in areas where slipping and falling is a hazard, especially in your family member’s bathtub and restroom areas.
  • Clutter, electrical cords and other potential tripping hazards should be removed, and care should be taken to make sure that areas where your loved one walks do not have furniture with sharp edges nearby.

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