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Haze, poor visibility and car crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Motor vehicle wrecks have different causes, but weather plays a role in many of the collisions that occur. Drivers often realize that snow, ice and rain can be dangerous on the road. However, there are other ways in which weather can adversely affect road conditions, some of which are less common. For example, haze can lead to reduced visibility and increase the likelihood of a crash. In some states, haze is especially concerning at this time due to wildfires that are burning in the Western U.S.

Those who find themselves on the road while it is very hazy should be cautious and avoid any potentially dangerous behavior, such as driving fast. Moreover, drivers should be aware of other vehicles on the road and the fact that other drivers may drive erratically because of the limited visibility. Aside from haze, other factors can lead to reduced visibility, such as thick fog and even smog.

Our law office knows that auto accidents can bring an incredible amount of suffering into the lives of victims and those who love them. Sadly, many of these collisions only occur because of someone else’s carelessness behind the wheel. Some people do not make a point to drive cautiously during inclement weather and others may not have any experience driving in certain road conditions, which can be extremely dangerous. From injuries and lost lives to emotional pain and financial concerns due to hospital bills or taking time off work, there are many consequences associated with these wrecks and accident victims should explore their legal options.

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