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Accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway kills three

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

A tragic accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway has left several people injured and three dead. The accident happened in the early morning hours on a day in late December and started when a semi truck came to a stop in the middle lane because of traffic. That’s when another big rig failed to stop, slamming into the first 18-wheeler and starting a chain reaction that hit three other vehicles.

One of those vehicles was a Ford pick-up that became wedged under the second 18-wheeler. There were five men in that vehicle and three died at the scene of the crash. The other two, along with passengers from a Corolla and the second big rig were rushed to a nearby hospital to receive treatment. 

The driver of the second 18-wheeler said he slammed on his brakes but was unable to stop on time. There was no indication that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.

Criminal charges could be filed in a case like this one, but it’s important to remember that the victims may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney could conduct his or her own investigation into the crash to determine if negligence was a factor.

For instance: was the driver of the second big rig texting or otherwise distracted at the time? Was the truck he was driving up to the legal standards? Did the brakes not work well enough because of a fatal flaw in the manufacturing?

Answering these questions is the key to helping the victims get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Source:, “‘ There Was Nothing I Could Do:’ Truck Driver Speaks On Fatal Cross Bronx Expressway Crash,” December 27, 2016

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