Radio Show

The weekly Brenna Boyce Law Forum Radio Show on WHAM 1180 offers our listening audience weekly topics of legal interest, and the opportunity to call in with questions related to any topic. In addition to regular co-hosts Bob Brenna and Shelly Boyce, the Law Forum Radio Show enjoys a variety of guests, along with the new weekly feature, the "Jim Philippone Minute", offering listeners a brief nugget of legal advice on day-to-day topics from local attorney James Philippone.

Our show is broadcast live on WHAM 1180am radio every Sunday morning at 8:00, and is streamed live over the internet on the website. You can also find each week's show on the Brenna Boyce website here in our library of shows to replay at your convenience. Brenna Boyce has proudly broadcasted the Law Forum Radio show weekly since 1996.

To call in during the show, dial 1-800-295-1180.

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