Was Your Accident Caused By A Safety Violation?

Local and state governments often issue "stop work orders" if inspections show that a construction site is violating safety codes. The goal is to protect general contractors, subcontractors, pedestrians, tenants and others from harm. Unfortunately, even with procedures in place to halt hazardous work, numerous people are still injured or killed every year due to safety code violations.

At Brenna Boyce, we have in-depth experience representing injury victims and their families in Rochester and throughout the state of New York, whether "stop work orders" have been issued or not.

With at least 25 years of trial experience each, our lawyers understand the applicable building codes, safety codes and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements on construction sites. We will fight for maximum compensation for your injury-related expenses and losses.

Combing Through The Evidence On Your Behalf

Brenna Boyce has the resources and knowledge to effectively investigate your New York construction accident and determine if any safety codes or OSHA regulations were ignored. If so, we will diligently advocate for justice.

We handle all types of violations, including those that involve:

  • Failing to provide appropriate safety gear
  • Using weak scaffolds or broken ladders
  • Ignoring fire safety codes
  • Incorrectly installing electrical wiring
  • Failing to remove asbestos or lead paint correctly
  • Failing to install guardrails and handrails
  • Beginning construction work without proper permits
  • Ignoring health and sanitation standards
  • Failing to hire licensed supervisors and properly train employees
  • Ignoring the maximum capacity limit
  • Leaving debris and other tripping hazards on stairs
  • Leaving exposed holes and other gaps in roofs and floors

Learn About Your Rights In A Free Consultation

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