Handling Intersection Accidents Since 1953

You may have been injured in a multi-car pileup at the intersection of I-490 and I-590, or you may have been hurt at one of the many other intersections throughout the Rochester area. Regardless of exactly where your accident occurred, you can turn to Brenna Boyce for clear legal counsel and skilled advocacy.

Founded in 1953, our law firm has represented countless personal injury victims and their families over the years. Many of the people we serve are fifth-generation descendents of our very first clients. Our long legacy testifies to the exceptional dedication and skill our lawyers invest in every case. When you hire Brenna Boyce, you become more than an accident statistic or a case file: You become family.

These Collisions Often Result In The Most Serious Injuries

Whether a driver fails to yield the right of way or runs a red light, it can easily cause a catastrophic intersection accident. These types of crashes are often the most dangerous because both vehicles are typically in motion when they collide. The occupants face the combined force of both vehicles, not just one.

In addition, due to how roads intersect, these crashes are often side-impact collisions or head-on collisions. Either one can be deadly. In a side-impact collision, the occupants have less protection from the body of the vehicle, and not all cars have side air bags. In a head-on crash, occupants without seat belts are often thrown through the windshield, resulting in deep lacerations and other grave injuries.

Pedestrians And Bicyclists Are Also Frequent Victims

New York intersections are also prime spots for pedestrians and bicyclists to be struck by motor vehicles. Brenna Boyce is skilled in these types of cases, among many others. We can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover medical bills, time off work and other accident-related losses.

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