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3 ways defective products can endanger construction workers

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Construction Injuries |

Some of the most serious job safety risks for construction professionals are obvious. Anyone working on the outside of a building at a significant elevation could fall, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

There are dangerous pieces of heavy equipment used in many construction jobs, and factors ranging from coworker mistakes to inclement weather can lead to people getting hurt at construction sites. Often, injured construction workers qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, but such benefits won’t fully cover a highly-paid worker’s lost wages. At most, workers’ compensation will cover two-thirds of your average weekly wage, but likely less than that as you work a high-paid profession.

Injured construction workers may need to look at other options for compensation to reduce the lasting impact of their injury on their family and their finances. Sometimes, outside companies are liable because of a defective product. How might a product lead to a worker getting hurt at a construction site?

They can cause electrocutions

One of the most serious risks for construction workers is electricity. It is a leading cause of job fatalities and can also lead to debilitating injuries and painful burns. Poorly-designed tools or power supply cords that don’t meet industry standards could fray and expose workers to dangerous levels of electricity unexpectedly on the job.

They can cause a struck-by incident

When a drill or similar tool malfunctions, there is risk to the person handling the device. However, there’s also some risk to other people working nearby, especially below them.

A worker unexpectedly cut or shocked by a defective tool might drop that tool, which can then lead to someone below them getting hurt. Tools and other pieces of equipment that don’t work as they should can cause unpredictable reactions in surprised workers that lead to dropped items and major injuries.

They can compromise environmental safety

Scaffolding built with low-quality lumber or other pieces of equipment not subjected to rigorous quality control checks before sale to the public could lead to workers getting seriously hurt on the job. Items that include a manufacturing defect or made from materials that vary from the standard used by a manufacturer may not perform the way that people expect and may fail unexpectedly on a job site.

Even if the manufacturer doesn’t have widespread issues that lead to a recall, workers hurt by a product with an obvious design flaw or a defective component may be in a position to take legal action against the company. Identifying who is liable for your construction injury will help you pursue the compensation you truly deserve.


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