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Could touchscreens increase accident risks?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents |

A touchscreen could help drivers improve a vehicle’s safe operation. From a touchscreen, a driver might access a GPS app or one dealing with the whether. Avoiding troubled road conditions in New York may improve safety. However, some vehicle owners enjoy the “infotainment” aspect of a touchscreen and advanced technology. While impressive, more contemporary and more massive touchscreens present dangers of distractions.

The arrival of a high-end touchscreen heralds some concerns

Mercedes-Benz recently revealed an achievement in advanced auto technology features: a 56-inch screen. The massive screen reflects innovations almost undreamed of a decade ago. At one point, a 7-inch touchscreen and the mere concept of smartphone integration seemed incredible. Today, “bigger is better” drives even more developments. Expect other car manufacturers to match or top Mercedes-Benz’s 56-inch touchscreen.

However, touchscreens come with potential hazards and risks. Anything that takes hands, eyes, and attention away from where they may be more valuable presents accident risks.

Touchscreens and distracted driving

Someone who fumbled to snap a seatbelt while attempting to drive could end up in an accident. Taking one hand off the wheel and directing concentration, even slight and partial attention, to the seatbelts may lead to a collision. Now, think about the potential accidents that could occur when someone becomes enthralled by a massive touchscreen. And even a smaller, “normal” touchscreen could lead to the same problems.

Concentrating on news, music, or podcast apps might not be an essential duty, but people might become too caught up with vehicle infotainment to worry about the road. Some apps may be helpful, such as navigational ones, but drivers still need to keep attention focused on things that matter. Even a brief distraction could slow reaction time or draw perceptions from the road. Not seeing a red light or a pedestrian crossing the street might have tragic consequences.

Distracted driving remains a danger on roads, and it is one that won’t likely go away. Personal injury attorneys may find clients contacting them after a distracted driving incident involving technology. As more vehicles come with such somewhat distracting features, expect collisions to increase potentially.

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