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Truck accidents and their most common causes

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Passenger vehicle drivers in New York should know that most truck accidents happen because of one of five factors. In some of these cases, it’s passenger vehicle drivers who are to blame; other times, inexperienced and negligent truckers are.

Driver error and inclement weather

Most truck crashes are due to some negligent action or error. Drowsy driving, distracted driving, DUI and speeding, especially driving too fast for road conditions, are just some common errors. Road and weather conditions are worth focusing on, though, because truckers, not having been trained on navigating slippery surfaces, will often hydroplane or jackknife.

Lack of maintenance and defective parts

Truckers, more so than other drivers, are liable to forget maintenance. They are required to inspect their truck before every shift, and failure to do so can lead to the brake pads wearing down and windshield cracks spreading, which are both major safety hazards.

Then, there are the crashes that occur because of some defective part. Manufacturing and design defects obviously cannot be blamed on truckers. The parts manufacturer may be held liable, sometimes together with the mechanic who installed the part and the company that sold the truck.

Cargo-related accidents

Cargo loaders must follow industry-specific rules. Incorrectly loaded cargo can lead to tip-overs, and badly secured cargo can spill onto the road.

Legal representation for victims

Truck collisions caused by trucker negligence can form the basis for a personal injury claim. Before you seek out compensation on your own, though, you may want a lawyer to evaluate the case and give some advice. You may even want to retain the lawyer for representation during the negotiation stage. If the trucking company or insurance provider refuses to pay out a fair amount in damages, litigation might be necessary.

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