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Third-party negligence may lead to construction accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Construction Injuries |

New York construction workers have many risks to deal with on the job. In addition to the seasonal elements, the work itself can be hazardous. Construction workers often must maneuver around heavy or dangerous equipment. Some projects may require work at great heights and other work is below the surface. Because construction involves so many components, many different contractors may be working at once, such as electricians, excavators and pipelayers. Any of these factors can lead to deadly construction accidents.

One man in another state was laying pipes at an active construction site under the employment of a private contractor. The 21-year-old pipelayer was working in a trench, but apparently the operator of a large excavator was unaware of his presence. The excavator’s bucket lowered into the trench on top of the pipelayer. He suffered crushing injuries.

The man’s co-workers frantically worked to save the critically injured man. First responders arrived and requested a medical helicopter to transport the injure worker. However, the man died at the scene before the helicopter could arrive.

Workers’ compensation may provide benefits for the family of New York workers injured in construction accidents. However, some family members may look for ways to hold accountable those third parties, such as other contractors, when negligence results in the death of a loved one. These cases can be complex since there may be multiple entities involved. An experienced attorney will have the resources to exhaust every possible option for obtaining the compensation a grieving family deserves.

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