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Victims of truck accidents can prepare for legal action

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Truck Accident Injuries |

Unlike most motor vehicle accidents, a collision with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle can result in many complications. For one thing, the injuries one may suffer in an accident with a big rig have the potential to be far more serious than in an accident with a passenger vehicle. Those in New York who decide to pursue compensation for those injuries should know that they may be dealing with more than a negligent truck driver. Because of this, it is smart to enlist the services of an attorney with experience in the complexities of truck accidents.

A truck accident may result from the carelessness of the trucker, negligence on the part of the truck owner or trucking company, defects in the vehicle itself, or numerous other factors and entities. This is why it may facilitate one’s case to be well prepared for the first meeting with a personal injury attorney. Some of this preparation may include having photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage and victims’ injuries. Copies of the police report, witness information and a detailed description of the accident conditions can also be a good starting point.

An accident victim may provide the attorney with as much information as possible about the driver, the trucking company and any other entities that may be involved. Perhaps most importantly, the legal professional will want to know about the victim’s injuries. Medical records, X-rays and a description of the victim’s present condition can be helpful in building a case for compensation.

Even if the victim has no plans to seek compensation through a lawsuit, a New York attorney can be helpful in obtaining a fair settlement from the insurance company. Often this takes negotiating skills that come with experience. However, it is important for victims of truck accidents to be as forthcoming as possible and supply as many details up front to create a strong foundation for a solid case.

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