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Urgent shipping needs lead to increased dangers for motorists

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

For years, American retailers have depended on just-in-time shipping, a method of supplying stores that produces just enough product to stock the store and delivers it almost seamlessly. But because of the recent shortages at grocery stores and medical supply companies across the nation, companies are pressuring drivers to go beyond their limits.

What Happens When The Government Suspends Shift Restrictions

National researchers are very clear: driver fatigue causes trucking accidents and is likely to cause catastrophic injury and death. When a national emergency leads to drivers working longer hours, the stress and exhaustion will cause accidents, even with fewer people on the roads.

Under normal circumstances, a truck driver can only drive for 11 hours out of every 14-hour shift. This can already lead to prolonged trips and drowsiness on the road. This restriction is already a relaxed version of prior industry regulations. But now, the federal government is lifting those regulations in a more drastic way.

In The Rush To Supply Hospitals And Grocery Chains, All Bets Are Off

At the end of April, the federal government suspended truck driving limitations, meaning that drivers are now able to drive far longer shifts with fewer hours of rest. The work is essential, and some industry protections remain in place. However, the fact is that driving longer hours will lead to more highway fatigue and more dangerous roadway conditions. This puts both automobile drivers and commercial truck drivers at risk.

In The Hours After An Accident, Who You Call Matters

When you are injured in a trucking accident, it is essential that you get immediate medical help. Trucking accidents cause devastating injuries. And once you have medical attention, you should call an attorney. Liability is complicated, especially with recent alterations to federal rules. An attorney can help advocate for you and make sure you get adequate support throughout your recovery.


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