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Safety code violations may result in electrocution

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Construction Site Injuries |

Working around electricity is one of the most common risks of injury or death for those in the construction industry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 61% of fatal workplace electrocutions occur in the construction industry. Many more suffer serious injuries to their hearts, brains or other parts of the body. Most New York electrical accidents can be prevented because they result from the negligence or safety code violations of subcontractors or employers.

Electrical contractors are not the only ones vulnerable to electrocution. They have the advantage of having special training that allows them to work safely around electricity. However, construction laborers, service workers, roofers and others may also become victims of tragic accidents when they come in contact with live electrical wiring or direct power sources. Additionally, defective electrical equipment may cause injury or death.

Adequate training in working around overhead and underground electrical sources is critical. However, it may not be enough if another contractor is careless or if an employer fails to comply with national safety standards. This includes using temporary power on a work site, inspecting and replacing defective tools, and de-energizing power sources whenever possible.

When an employer commits safety code violations or a subcontractor takes dangerous shortcuts, it can place other workers in grave danger. A fatal electrocution may leave a New York family without the financial support it needs to carry on, and an accident that results in injury may mean expensive, long-term medical care. Fortunately, there are options available beyond workers’ compensation that may provide support and security for those families following workplace accidents.


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