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Construction accidents are on the rise, putting New York workers at risk

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Construction Injuries, Construction Site Injuries |

Construction work has always been dangerous. Large machinery, electrical wiring and other hazards are plentiful on any construction site. But, despite New York’s strict safety laws, new reports show an alarming trend: New York construction injuries and deaths are increasing.

In New York City alone, construction deaths increased almost 33% last year. The same city data shows an almost 221% increase in injuries. While most reporting talks about the danger as secondary to the economic impact, families tell a different story. The physical, mental and financial toll workplace injuries place on construction workers and their loved ones is enormous.

Why Are Injuries Increasing?

The New York Commission for Occupational Safety and Health, a nonprofit focused on workers’ wellbeing, reports that New York State data is even more alarming. But the real question is: why are injuries and deaths occurring?

Many factors contribute to workplace injuries. They include issues like failure to properly inspect or maintain large equipment and employers’ rushing through projects. Unfortunately, many workers have little power to point out dangerous situations, especially minority workers. These dangers directly contribute to the rising fatality rate. In short, prioritizing profit over worker safety has a predictable result.

How To Support Workers Through Personal Injury Law

Fortunately, New York courts and laws create a safety net for workers. After an injury, a well-crafted legal case can offer the support workers and their families need by paying for medical bills, providing for lost income and paying for other unexpected bills that result. In many cases, courts offer injured workers punitive damages, meaning that the worker gets additional compensation as a way to penalize dangerous workplace practices. This includes cases where another company or an equipment manufacturer is to blame.

If you or a loved one is injured in a New York construction accident, the law can provide for your needs. Work with educated attorneys to find out more about your protections.

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