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Marijuana use and car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Marijuana is already legal in a number of states and this drug is becoming more and more accepted, with the state of Michigan recently legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. People use marijuana for a number of reasons, whether they consume an edible for medical reasons or smoke the drug for recreational purposes. Either way, it is important for drivers to be aware of how using marijuana can interfere with their ability to safely operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, some people do not show any common sense and get in their vehicle while they are intoxicated, which is extremely concerning regardless of whether or not the substance is legal in their state.

Unfortunately, drivers who are under the influence of marijuana may be more likely to cause an accident for a variety of reasons. They may have difficulty responding to an occurrence on the road, such as avoiding an oncoming vehicle. Moreover, those who do not have very much experience with marijuana may become extremely intoxicated and be unable to stay in their lane, stop at signs or follow other traffic safety laws.

Sadly, this behavior has resulted in the loss of many, many lives. People have been struck by drivers who are intoxicated after using marijuana and this may become an even greater concern in areas where the drug is legalized for recreational use. If a driver struck you while they were intoxicated due to marijuana or any other substance, you should take a firm stand for your legal rights and may need to go to court.

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