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Construction and the risk of electrocution

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2018 | Construction Site Injuries |

Construction workers face a plethora of hazards on a regular basis, whether they work in high places and become injured or killed after falling or they frequently use dangerous equipment. However, the risk of electrocution is especially concerning and does not only threaten the well-being of electricians but anyone who is working on a construction site. In Rochester and all across New York it is pivotal for construction company owners and workers to be aware of the dangers associated with electricity on job sites and take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents will keep happening and they can leave people with many hardships.

Someone who is electrocuted may be seriously hurt and unable to keep working due to a severe burn or falling from a high place after being electrocuted. If you are suffering due to an electrical accident that occurred while you were working on a construction site, it is very important to go over your options and explore any helpful resources that are available. Workers’ compensation may be one way to move forward from the accident and, depending on what happened, you may even need to file suit over negligence.

Sadly, construction site injuries will keep disrupting the lives of workers and their families. The construction industry can be very dangerous and workers should always be aware of the different risks that they face while on the job. After an accident, injured construction workers may face a lot of difficulties and it is important for workers to stand up for their rights.

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