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Common motorcycle accident injuries

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If you are driving a vehicle and suddenly become an accident victim, your chance of having a serious injury is considerably less than if you had been riding a motorcycle.

Severe injuries can happen to anyone who is involved in a highway crash, but certain types of injuries are more common among motorcycle riders due to their lack of protection.

Lack of protective shield

The occupant of a passenger vehicle or truck is encased in a protective steel framework that is designed to hold up during a crash. On the other hand, the only protection a motorcycle rider can count on is represented by the kind of gear he or she chooses to wear, including a DOT-approved helmet. Vests and jackets are now available with airbags that deploy upon impact and are designed to protect the chest and vital organs.

However, despite innovations in motorcycle apparel, a rider is still vulnerable. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80 percent of all motorcycle crashes result in injuries or fatalities.

Hitting the road 

If your skin is exposed as you hit the ground during a motorcycle accident, you could suffer road rash. Like a burn, there are several degrees. You could have a first-degree abrasion, which is a mild condition, or a third-degree injury where the outer layer of skin is scraped off, exposing the underlying fat and tissues, and which requires immediate medical assistance.

Suffering a break

Because a heavy motorcycle falls over during an accident, often pinning its rider down, a broken leg is the most common injury motorcyclists suffer. Next comes a fractured wrist or arm since many riders intuitively tries to break her or his fall.

Other serious injuries

An experienced attorney familiar with these types of injuries motorcyclists sustain will tell you that traumatic brain injuries plus spinal cord, back and neck injuries are among those they see.

The problem for a victim continues when an insurance company offers a low-ball settlement. Fortunately, whether an injured rider suffers road rash, fractures or TBI, he or she will want to focus on recovering, letting professionals handle the matter of insurance compensation for those injuries.

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