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Riding mowers and traffic accidents

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries |

With the arrival of spring, many people begin to focus on lawn maintenance, from homeowners to those who run outdoor maintenance companies. Often, people use riding lawn mowers to maintain a lawn. Unfortunately, these riding mowers can be especially risky for a number of reasons. Aside from rollovers which can leave the operator pinned under the mower, other risks may be present, such as the risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Someone may be struck by a car or truck in various ways while operating a riding lawn mower. For example, someone may be heading down a long driveway and lose control of their vehicle or strike someone riding a mower while they are going around a turn. In other instances, someone on a riding mower may be hit by a car as they try to cross the road to mow grass on the other side of the road. Another way in which a person could be injured or killed while using a riding mower involves reckless drivers, such as those who are drunk, distracted or fatigued. Such a driver may veer off the road and onto someone’s lawn, colliding with a person who is on a riding mower.

All of these hazards should be recognized by those who use riding mowers (and even push mowers), as well as drivers. Sadly, these accidents can prove fatal or leave victims with overwhelming pain and serious injuries. Head over to the accidents webpage on our blog to view more traffic wreck  material.

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