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The lingering consequences of car accidents: Part 1

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Car Accidents |

As common as car accidents are in Rochester, many motorists are not aware of their impact. Besides not making it to their destinations on time, sustaining damage to their vehicles and the sheer inconvenience of the situations, there are some long-term consequences that people should know about. The aftermath of car accidents is often challenging for most victims to get through. According to Blue & Green Tomorrow, car accidents result in 20 to 50 million people becoming injured or disabled.

Financial effects

All car accidents do not result in a significant amount of property damage and expenses, but many of them do. Many victims often end up experiencing great financial difficulties because they have lost wages, medical expenses and other costs that stem from their car accidents and injuries, states Uplifting Families.

Emotional injuries

Not all people who end up in car wrecks end up with scrapes, bruises, broken bones or dead. Some motorists end up suffering from the lingering psychological effects of their ordeals. They may experience ongoing anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, nervousness, mood swings and anger and depression, which can cause them to develop a dependency on alcohol and drugs. Many car accident victims often need to undergo counseling to overcome their conditions. Some of them are not able to recover completely from their ordeals.

Many people who end up in car accidents endure many challenges during their recoveries. Some of these challenges can result in hardships that can linger on indefinitely. Motorists should take measures to protect themselves on the roads, so they do not find themselves suffering from the consequences of motor vehicle wrecks.


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