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3 common types of nursing home injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Nursing Home Injuries |

Claims of nursing home abuse and accidents are at an all-time high in Rochester. This a major concern for many seniors who live in them and people who are looking for a safe environment for their elderly loved ones. Anyone who is considering senior care facilities for their elderly loved ones should make themselves aware of the kinds of nursing home injuries that can occur.


Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers are very common in nursing home residents, states Patients who are unable to move in and out of their beds and move their bodies to change their positions have a higher risk of developing them. When caregivers fail to provide proper care to their residents, such as giving them special mattresses and changing their positions frequently, bedsores can develop and cause pain, injury and suffering.

Broken bones and fractures

Slips and falls are a leading reason why so many seniors sustain broken bones and fractures, especially in nursing homes. According to, each year, half of “1.6 million seniors experience falls that lead to injuries.” Older adults are more prone to falls. When there are prevention equipment and measures in place, the risk of falls and related injuries decrease. Rails, safe flooring surfaces, lighting and caregiver assistance are required for seniors to avoid slip-and-fall accidents that can lead to severe and debilitating injuries.

Medication errors

Medication errors do not just occur in hospitals; they also occur in nursing homes too. Residents who receive the wrong medications, dosages and who do not receive their medications at all often have their conditions worsen. They can also develop more severe health complications, altered mental states and catastrophic injuries that can lead to their deaths.

Nursing home injuries may be on the rise, but residents and their loved ones can take measure to avoid them. They should carefully consider and research their nursing home and caregiver options before making any decisions.

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