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Should I worry about falls in nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2016 | Nursing Home Injuries |

When people go to live in a nursing home, it usually means they are older and in need of more assistance than the rest of the population, comprised of people who are still able to live on their own. Bearing this in mind, a substantial amount of trust must be put into the caregivers and medical staff at a nursing home and hopefully, that trust is deserved. And yet, with more than 14 million elderly patients in nursing homes and nearly 3 falls averaged per resident each year, it is more than disconcerting to realize that falls can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

If a fall does not kill a resident, it still can cause significant damage. Sometimes the greatest harm comes to the patient’s self-confidence and attitude. The fear of a fall or the pain and embarrassment and feelings of failure all contribute to a depressing sense of hopelessness and vulnerability that can lead to an early demise.

The numbers are staggering and demonstrate how high the risk is. Nearly 18 million residents of nursing homes die annually from injuries related to falling. What is really terrible is that 35 percent of these residents could not even walk and were victims of falls.

If your loved one has suffered from a fall in a nursing home where you put your trust into the hands of his or her caregivers, you may have recourse and cause for compensation. A New York personal injury attorney may be able to evaluate the particulars of your situation and advise you on how to proceed so you are not left to fight a battle of ethics, decency and legality on your own on behalf of your loved one.

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