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Alcohol plays a major part in fatal boating accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

There are few things more inspiring and fun than a summer firework show. And for boaters taking to the Hudson for the holiday weekend, the feeling is likely to be no different. However, firework displays are at the top of the list of concerns for local law enforcement officials as well as the U.S. Coastguard. Of particular concern is the conclusion of the show, when boaters all attempt to leave at once.

And law enforcement has good reason to be concerned. At least as early as last Wednesday, they have been conducting sobriety and safety stops for boaters, looking for open containers and whether or not boating operators have been drinking. With the movement of the boat and the intense heat, the effects seem to contribute to a heightened sense of inebriation for those imbibing alcohol. And statistics support the cause for concern. In the past decade, 57 fatal boating accidents have involved alcohol and alcohol is the number one reason for these accidents.

If you have lost a loved one over the holiday weekend and you believe the cause to be another person’s reckless behavior, you have an unenviable road ahead of you. Beyond the vast grief you experience, you will have to deal with other financial burdens, such as the costs of a funeral and the unexpected loss of income.

Should you decide to pursue justice through compensation, you may find a New York attorney well-versed in wrongful death suits to be useful in achieving maximum financial remuneration. Drinking while operating a watercraft is dangerous, illegal and reckless. By pursuing any sort of vindication, you are helping to set a precedent that contributing to or condoning this behavior is simply not okay.

Source:, “Officials Reminding Boaters To Drink Responsibly This Holiday Weekend,” Brian Coneybeare, July 2, 2016

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