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Advocating for one who advocated for you

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Nursing Home Injuries |

There was a time when you felt totally safe. A time when your heaviest problems were whether or not you were going to get to stay up late enough to watch a favorite show or whether you would be grounded for bombing that math quiz. The feeling of safety stemmed from having a parent, or parents, who took your upbringing seriously and looked out for you, protected you and taught you the ways of the world and to be savvy and avoid potentially bad people and any harm. They sheltered you and allowed you to be a child. Now your parents or grandparents are aging, they are vulnerable, becoming increasingly feeble, and it is your turn to shield them from harm and potentially bad people.

Only it isn’t as simple as it used to be. Now you have children of your own, you have a career, you live in another city–and try as you might–you have to rely on a nursing home to provide the care your loved ones need.

That’s why finding out that your parents are being neglected, abused or otherwise mistreated by the very caretakers you have found for them can be extremely emotionally taxing.

If this is the case, or even if you suspect that your parent is being improperly cared for in a nursing home, reach out to the attorneys at Brenna Boyce and don’t hesitate to advocate for your parents and for all other parents who advocated for you and took joy in helping to make you into the man or woman you are today, the type of person who will not hesitate to hold someone accountable, set a precedent and stop nursing home abuse against some of our most valuable, albeit most vulnerable, members of society.

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