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Dash cam evidence provides insight into car accident cases

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | Car Accidents |

The judicial system is one which requires irrefutable proof in order to establish a conviction based upon guilt. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, accident reconstruction is often necessary to remove some ambiguity and determine causation. However, in the event that someone has an added level of technology employed in the use of their vehicle, such information can provide valuable insight into what events led up to a collision or car accident.

One driver barely escaped being crushed by a dump truck earlier this week while making his way through traffic on the heavily congested Tappan Zee Bridge north of New  York City. His dash cam recorded the event and the dangerously teetering load he carried in the moments leading up to the nearly catastrophic accident that toppled the trailer and the cabin of the truck.

It was reported that the accident was caused by a mechanical failure, primarily the axle of the truck breaking. This caused the tractor-trailer to overturn and litter the road with the scrap metal debris it carried. After it toppled, it collided with a divider serving to separate directional flows of traffic and caused significant structural damage to the barrier.

It is not a surprise that accidents occur daily, yet it is a surprise when they involve you. If you are injured in an accident, whether or not you have irrefutable proof of how the accident transpired, cause can be determined, and you may be able to seek remuneration. Reach out to an accident attorney in New York to review your case and begin the quest for determining causation.

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