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What should nursing facilities do to protect the elderly?

There are many reasons why your elderly family member may be at a higher risk of injury including mental and physical limitations. Your efforts to find a nursing home facility in New York that provides adequate attention to detail in protecting its residents is imperative to the safety and enjoyment of your loved one when you are away. 

Medication errors in nursing homes

When someone becomes a resident in a New York nursing home, there are certain responsibilities that the care facility has. Unfortunately, mistakes happen in all healthcare facilities, and nursing homes are no exception. One of the most common errors relate to medication, and there are numerous reasons for that.

Reversing Obama’s “no sue” nursing home rule could spell trouble

New Yorkers who have tried to board a loved one at a nursing home before may be familiar with “no sue” agreements. These require family members, the future resident or both parties to formally agree not to sue in the event of nursing home abuse, neglect or other allegations of mistreatment. People who refuse to sign are then turned away from the facilities.

Common nursing home injuries may indicate abuse

Many New York residents prefer to care for their elderly family members themselves, but sometimes health issues require medical care and equipment that is only available in a nursing home. While most nursing homes provide exceptional care, there are some instances of neglect and abuse. Nursing home injuries are usually related to simple accidents, but they are sometimes indicators of substandard care. Knowing the most common signs of abuse and neglect may help people protect their loved ones.

What are bedsores?

You expect New York nursing homes to provide the best care possible. This is especially important for people with limited mobility, who must be helped in and out of bed to ensure they don't injure themselves. Bedsores are a significant concern in this case, as these injuries can be quite severe for older people and those with compromised immune systems. The Mayo Clinic explains more about bedsores and why they happen. 

Choosing the best television shows for a senior relative

Both the physical and psychological health of your elderly relative should be maintained in a New York nursing home, so if your loved one is susceptible to emotional mood swings from watching certain forms of television shows, you should be ready to discuss these issues if your relative is going to stay at a nursing home. This can be a particular concern if your loved one is not able to change a television channel or suffers from dementia.

How can I find a good nursing home for a loved one?

While placing an aging relative in a New York nursing home can be a tough decision to make, in many cases it’s in the best interest of the individual. Still, you want to make sure that the facility you choose can meet all of your loved one’s needs, from the physical to the emotional. In this case, the National Institute on Aging offers the following advice.

3 common types of nursing home injuries

Claims of nursing home abuse and accidents are at an all-time high in Rochester. This a major concern for many seniors who live in them and people who are looking for a safe environment for their elderly loved ones. Anyone who is considering senior care facilities for their elderly loved ones should make themselves aware of the kinds of nursing home injuries that can occur.

New York law on nursing home elder abuse

Sometimes you cannot help but take an elderly loved one to a nursing home, especially when they need specialized care. The nursing home parts with a lump sum of your earnings every year. Therefore, it is only just for the home to look after the residents keenly. Some proprietors neglect their premises in a bid to maximize profits, subjecting the home dwellers to the risk of sustaining nursing home injuries. The nursing home staff must exhibit a reasonable standard of care. However, understaffing in some homes leads to elder abuse as the few employees available are overwhelmed by the work.

What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse

Choosing to settle your parents or grandparents in a nursing home is not an easy decision. It's one which takes a lot of time, money and consideration. But what makes it harder is finding out they haven't been treated with the care and dignity that they deserve.

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