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Safety at a construction site

Employment trends are recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. Trends show that approximately 6 million people are employed in the construction industry which accounts for almost 4% of the nation's workforce. This figure is expected to increase to a 7.4 million by the year 2022. Thus, the construction industry is blooming and growing. 

Rights of an employee and OSHA regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in order to reduce workplace hazards as well as implement safety programs within the Department of Labor. These regulations are applicable to sites undergoing construction. As an employee, it will be to your benefit to be have knowledge about these regulations.

Nail guns make many things easier

The nail gun was once a tool valued primarily on construction sites. However, with the trending proclivity to do-it-yourself on everything from building birdhouses to outdoor furniture using pallets, the nail gun is a common feature in many novice's hands. But are nail guns safe? Are accidents common? Are they defective in the sense that they can be overly sensitive or go off in someone's unguarded direction?

OSHA investigates crane collapse on Tappan Zee Bridge site

Why do cranes fall? It's a troubling question given that cranes were designed to safely allow construction workers to reach work sites that are at extreme heights. Clearly, when a crane falls, there was a lapse in regard to safety.

Is your company violating these safety requirements?

Employers and employees have a fairly symbiotic relationship. They need a job done, and you need to earn money. Naturally, just because you show up to work doesn't mean you will get paid. You have to earn your paycheck for hours logged. Why then, should you labor for a company that fails to uphold its end of the bargain, and provide a safe place for you to get your work done? And yet, almost 5,000 workers were killed in 2014, and that isn't even including those that were injured or became ill from job-related causes.

New York construction sites fall from grace

You may think there are a lot of construction workers employed in New York, since out of all the occupational fatalities that occur in the state, nearly a quarter of them are construction worker deaths. That is why it is so surprising and disconcerting that construction work actually only makes up a little over 3 percent of all jobs in New York.

Man falls from second floor and dies

No one should ever be hurt or killed as a result of something as respectable as doing a job. It's sometimes difficult to get up and go to work, but people do it because they are responsible and have bills to pay, mouths to feed and families to support. It's this dedication that compels some individuals to work in dangerous conditions where one small step may prove fatal.

Sustaining life-changing injuries on the construction site

When you leave to go to work each day, the last thing you expect is to be seriously injured on the job site. However, a significantly large number of accidents occur on construction sites across the country each year, and New York is no exception. Some of the risks associated with construction sites, making them more dangerous than the average workplace, are the potential for falls from heights, scaffolding falls, electric shock from faulty power tools or exposed electrical wiring, lack of proper protective equipment and even repetitive strain injuries.

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