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Nursing home neglect leaves woman with fatal injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Nursing Home Injuries |

When a vulnerable member of society suffers harm at the hands of another, it can be a difficult reality to face. The elderly too often become victims of abuse or neglect, and it is particularly heinous when it occurs at the hands of those charged with their care and protection. Nursing home neglect is a troubling trend in New York and across the country, and one family is suffering the loss of a loved one as a result.

A nursing home resident apparently lay in bed for over an hour after pressing her call light for help to use the bathroom. Ultimately, she attempted to get out of bed by herself, but she fell in the bathroom. Instead of seeking medical help for the woman, the staff of the nursing home allegedly put her back to bed and requested a prescription for pain medication from a doctor, who ordered the narcotics without examining the woman. Still complaining of pain after two weeks, the resident asked to see a doctor.

The same physician allegedly declined to examine her and instead ordered her to undergo physical therapy. For weeks the woman endured agony at the hands of staff members who reportedly accused her of faking it. When concerned family members asked the nursing home to transfer the declining resident to the hospital, doctors finally diagnosed the woman with spinal fractures and discovered that infection had set in. The woman died 10 days later.

Family members of victims of similar kinds of nursing home neglect may wonder how much suffering and humiliation their loved ones endured. While there is no way to take away that pain, there may be the option of pursuing justice through the civil courts. With the assistance of a New York attorney, families can learn of their options for holding those accountable who are responsible for the suffering of a loved one.

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