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Bicycles, intersections and the risk of personal injury

You may be a recreational bicycle rider who enjoys taking a turn around the neighborhood on a nice Sunday afternoon - no intersections in sight. However, if you are an avid cyclist, you probably see your share of cross streets crowded with cars and trucks.

If you ride a lot and are familiar with going with the flow of traffic, you must be alert to the possibility of a car-bicycle crash, which could result in serious injury to you and a total crunch-up for your bike.

The scary left turn

Let us say that you are approaching an intersection at a reasonable speed when an oncoming car makes a left turn in front of you. You only save yourself from disaster because you are able to make a sharp right turn at the intersection, which means you are now going in the same direction as the car.

The unnerving right turn

A car passes you on the left, and then makes a right-hand turn at the intersection up ahead. You are able to stop just in time and avoid the terrible accident that might have occurred. It was simply a matter of your paying attention and anticipating the unexpected.

Why the driver rear-ends you

Like most cyclists, one of your worst fears is a vehicle rear-ending you. The driver might be looking at a cell phone, disobeying the speed limit, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There could even be poor road conditions.

In the end, the driver probably did not see you. You are extremely vulnerable and likely to take quite a hit. To avoid this, make sure your bike has a flashing red taillight. Wear bright, reflective clothing, as well. Make yourself as visible as possible.

Dealing with injuries

In a worst-case scenario, you could go straight from the intersection to the hospital with broken bones, a serious head injury or countless other medical issues. At this point, your focus should only be on your recovery. Let an experienced personal injury attorney deal with everything else, such as negotiating the financial settlement that will cover your medical bills, so that, in time, you can pedal off on what will likely be a brand-new bike.

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