Skilled Assistance In Scaffold And Ladder Accidents

New York Labor Law Section 240 holds both contractors and property owners responsible for scaffolding and ladder accidents caused by lack of appropriate safety measures. If you were injured by such construction site negligence, you have the legal right to seek compensation.

At the Rochester law firm of Brenna Boyce, our lawyers have extensive experience in personal injury cases of all kinds, including construction site accidents. We are very familiar with the laws and regulations regarding work on scaffolds, ladders, rooftops and other heights. Let our attorneys handle the legal details with skill and efficiency.

More Than 24,000 Workers Are Injured Yearly On Ladders And Stairs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that more than 24,000 construction workers are injured annually by falling off ladders and down stairways. Approximately 50 percent of these accidents force the workers to take time off due to the severity of their injuries.

Common causes of such ladder accidents include:

  • Design flaws or inadequate warning labels on the ladders
  • Failing to replace broken or damaged ladders with new ones
  • Lack of training on how to inspect ladders for damage before using them
  • Failing to extend the top rung high enough above the landing
  • Failing to properly secure the base or top

Scaffolding Dangers Also Cause Myriad Accidents

Brenna Boyce also represents individuals injured in all types of scaffold-related accidents. These include:

  • Falls from scaffolds due to lack of guard rails or other negligence
  • Collapsing scaffolds caused by too much weight or other problems
  • Injuries from falling debris due to lack of protective canopies
  • Electrical shocks caused by scaffolds coming in contact with power lines

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