Cost-Conscious Representation In Business Litigation

The word "litigation" typically triggers a stressful and immediate reaction in business owners. The costs of litigation, in terms of time away from productive work, financial expense and emotional toll, are well-known to most business professionals. The best attorneys are sensitive to those costs and work proactively to minimize them.

At Brenna Boyce, we have the extensive experience necessary to advise you about cost-effective strategies for resolving your legal disputes while minimizing the impact on your business operations. Our Rochester law firm regularly represents New York business entities of all sizes in a wide array of matters, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business torts, defamation and unfair competition
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Employment agreements and termination
  • Enforcement of asset valuation clauses
  • Franchise disputes
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Misappropriation of goodwill
  • Real property and lease disputes
  • Partnership disputes and restructuring
  • Software ownership and authorship disputes
  • Trade secrets, trademarks and trade dress

Each Of Our Lawyers Has Decades Of Courtroom Experience

Our firm's experience in court is well-known and highly respected. Brenna Boyce is a boutique litigation firm, and each of our attorneys has a minimum of 25 years of experience trying cases. You can be confident that the lawyer who provides you with your initial consultation and legal strategy will be the one who advocates for you in the courtroom, if necessary.

Our Trial Skill Gives Us An Edge In Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our skill in the courtroom goes hand-in-hand with our ability to provide highly effective representation outside the courtroom. We have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration.

While both parties generally prefer to avoid business litigation, a client is more likely to secure a favorable settlement when the other side realizes your attorney has the ability to fully defend your position in court if the case is not resolved through alternative methods. Our reputation for trial work is well-known, and your adversaries will be assured of a formidable challenge in court if they are unreasonable.

We Practice Throughout New York State

Our attorneys have litigated cases in the trial courts throughout New York State, including state and federal courts. We have litigated in the New York appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court. We have also conducted discovery and tried cases in states other than New York.

To arrange a consultation about any business-related dispute, please contact Brenna Boyce online or call us at 585-454-2000.